Machine shop

Southern Powertrain has an in house machine shop known as Diff Tran Machining.  Diff-Tran repairs transmission and differential carrier housings. 

All Housings with worn bearing bores are bored out and resleeved, then finished bored to factory specs. 

Transmissions housing repairs:

  • Input and Countershaft bearing bores in main case
  • Countershaft and outputshaft bearing bores in back box
  • Add pumps to non-pump housings (if case is cast for pump)
  • Drill 9 series cases for forced lube pump systems
  • Pocket ball holes on FS  series tops
  • Worn butterfly pin holes in Fuller Tops

Differential Carriers Repairs:

  • Pinion pilot bearing bores both worn and broken.
  • Thru shaft or outputshaft bearing bores
  • Inner pinion bores on Rockwell RD and Mack CRD housings
  • Side carrier bearing bores and threaded sides
  • Pump holes in power divider covers
  • Bearing bores in 472 int. sections

Diff-Tran can also repair threads on shafts and pinions as well as repair pilot bearing surface on input shafts and main shafts.  Diff-Tran can do small welding and machining jobs as well.  Please contact us for more information.